Game Camps Visby

Nu har turen kommit till Sverige och Gotland där vi kommer hålla det sista av fyra game camps innan finalen på GDC i San Fransisco nästa år. Kriterierna listas nedan (texten är på engelska.)

Game Camp Visby Gotland

Visby Game Camp 12–14 october – It is time!

Visby Game Camp, 12-14th October is coming up and will be quite different from the ones before, as we are now focusing on giving alumni teams and existing companies the best possible support to take your company and game to the next level. The goal is simple; learning, developing and improving as much as possible in 48 hours!

To help you, we have invited some of the industry’s most qualified game developers, publishers and investors. They will be in Visby to assist you with the practical and theoretical.

Travel, accommodation, food and refreshments will be provided by the Game Camps project.

To enter you’ll need to meet the criteria and be seriously committed to making really good games across the borders. If you do, -apply now! There is a limited number of tickets.

**Criteria for Visby Game Camp:**

  • You are an existing cross-border team; at least one participant from a different country than the rest.
  • Your team wants to recruit a new member (mentor, investor or publisher included)
  • You want to join an existing team or company
  • You have or will register your company in the EU.
  • You have completed or started developing a game.
  • You have a pitch deck and a game demo.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions –