SPG Startup Bootcamp 26 – 27 september

SPG Startup Bootcamp

SPG Startup Bootcamp 26 – 27 september

Have you ever thought of joining a startup or launching your own idea? This is your chance to take the first step and participate in the SPG Startup Bootcamp! 

During two intense days packed with practical know-how we will work with you to take an early stage idea and develop it into a strong and validated concept and pitch.

Each participating team will be paired up with industry business and design professionals who will work intensively and closely with you in the following areas: 

C U S T O M E R: Insights & Trends | Brand | Design 

P R O D U C T: Concept | Technology | Experience 

B U S I N E S S: Business Model | Financing | Pitching 

Participants will have the chance to qualify our SPG Summit program where we help you commercially launch your idea. This is a unique opportunity to quickly take your idea forward. And it’s absolutely free of charge! 

Don’t hesitate, apply now! 


 26-27 september between 08-17

Place: Science Park Gotland, Kaserngatan 1, Visby

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