Ready to go from idea to success?

Start-ups and entrepreneurs with new business ideas have many needs. To support you and your company’s development, we can offer two, totally free, programs to help you accelerate your development.

Maybe it’s just help to put in place strategies, new contacts, knowledge and other business development support that becomes invaluable when it’s time to get your business started.

We are passionate about creating sustainable growth and future jobs in Gotland.

About Science Park Gotland

SPG Programs


“Science Park Gotland has taught me to think bigger and dare more. Without them, I probably would never have embarked on the journey with a startup and innovation. They have been and are a fantastic support during all parts of the journey.”

Emma Hällström / I Heat You

“Science Park Gotland has helped to guide us to a working business model, advised on securing financing and has great networking opportunities. We would not be where we are today without the support we have received over the past 9 months.”

Michael Ferguson / Viospatia