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Get started with an early stage business idea

SPG Startup is the program where you and your driven team will get support to lay the foundation for a sustainable company. It’s a chance to quickly and effectively identify your target customers, understand what they want and what opportunity there is to address the market. The goal? Build genuine insights and a plan will help you create a great business.

Find your sustainable business model

The goal is that by the end of the program you will have verified and formulated a sustainable business model and a plan ahead for your company. During the program we guide you with expert support covering:

  • Customer and business ecosystem analysis
  • Sustainable business modelling
  • Concepting
  • Goals and activity plan
  • Pitch

The details

Length of program: 

Not more than six months

Who can apply?

Dedicated teams with an ambition to grow


Help to achieve a business model, proof of concept and a pitch


Business advice, support material and networking

How to apply: 

Fill in the application form here

Next step

After SPG Startup, there is a chance to apply to the SPG Summit program where you will receive in-depth help to finance, develop, launch and sell your product / service.


Is the Startup program for us?

Is there potential in your business idea or solution so that it can grow and develop into something bigger?

After our first meeting we will make an overall assessment where we look at different aspects before we make a decision on possible admission. We do this so that we can ensure we are the right place for your idea to grow.

What we are looking for:

  • Is there potential to be able to scale up the company in the future?
  • Is there a strong level of innovation height in the solution or business model? ie. is it a new idea or a new way of doing something?
  • Can your idea have a positive impact on the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030?
  • Are you a committed team with competence and drive?
  • Are you based on, or have a strong connection to Gotland

Uncertain? Send your application in any case and we will get back to you!