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Have you decided to launch a business with growth potential? Then SPG Summit is the program for you.

As a participant in SPG Summit, we support you in every way we can to launch a well designed product, based on a strong business model with great growth potential.

We’ll spend a lot of time and resources for you to succeed and expect you to be dedicated and focused on your business.

What do you need to be accepted?

  • You have an innovative and scalable business idea that solves an actual problem/need and you can describe your offer and how the business model is meant to work.
  • You have an ambitious team who are ready to dedicate time and energy to invest in the company.
  • Your idea has international potential and/or can make an sustainable impact in accordance with global goals for sustainable development.
  • Your company is based on or has a strong connection to Gotland.

How to join the program?

The first step to be accepted is to book a meeting with us.

During your first meeting, we’ll discuss your idea and how far you’ve come so that we can decide decide if you’re ready for the SPG Summit program or if more support is required to get you ready for the program.

Book a meeting

The benefits of SPG Summit:

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Members of SPG Summit have the possibility to base themselves in our creative environment together with other companies participating in the program.

Being part of the team at Science Park Gotland provides invaluable conditions for both knowledge sharing and networking.

Our office is located in Uppsala University’s Gotland Campus in the center of Visby which brings the possibility to establish contacts with both students and researchers and to attract young talent and inspiration. You will also have access to rooms for sales meetings and workshops.

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We support you to identify and gett in touch with the best contacts to help your company grow, such as potential customers, suppliers, financiers and partners.

Our home-made Friday breakfasts for all SPG Summit participants are a great opportunity to discuss your challenges or be inspired and learn from industry experts.

As an SPG Summit member, you will have the chance to participate in seminars and workshops with industry experts in order to gain hands-on insight and support around critical aspects of your startup.

Get inspired by ideas we’ve helped to launch